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What Will Team Greenix Do For You?

Make a plan specific to your needs
Your first visit will include a thorough inspection by a Greenix professional. A customized service plan will be created specifically for you.
Water-activated granular treatment
A water-activated granular will be applied around the perimeter of the home on each visit. This product is specifically designed to seep into the soil to prevent pests from nesting immediately around the home.
Full exterior perimeter treatment
The full perimeter treatment will be applied on each visit and acts as a barrier between the home and outside pest activity. This barrier is applied and maintained throughout each season, providind year round pest prevention.
Web & nest removal service
Each service will include a thorough eave sweep. Your Greenix professional will ensure that eaves are free of webs and nests.
Interior protection service
Our interior service targets specific moisture points within the home that tend to attract pests. This may include the basement, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and garage.
Wall injections
Wall injections will be completed inside the home during the initial visit, flushing out current pest activity and preventing future pest activity.