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Greenix Wildlife Services specializes in customized plans for each client that is determined by the specific need and situation. Above all, we promote and provide preventative efforts in order to deter creatures from wandering onto residential and business properties. Education is an important ally in determining the severity of the issue and if in fact action needs to be taken. We provide a variety of services including wasp and bee removal, baiting stations, animal trapping, exclusion programs, and restoration. Not only are we able to capture and manage the animal populations on properties, we can also repair damage caused by them.

Wild animals become a problem when they present signs of disease, are living in your space, damaging or threatening you or your property. Greenix offers humane removal solutions for most animals including but not limited to: Greenix will also work with you to form a plan to prevent and manage other possible infestations or unwanted guests. Greenix Pest Control has a quality team of educated and experienced wildlife specialists that implement strategies and programs with your best interest in mind.

Talk to one of our experienced wildlife technicians today to set up a specialized program geared specifically to you.