Spider-Man, Spider-Man…

Tarantulas, Black Widows, Brown Recluses, the continent of Australia. These are words that have become ubiquitous with the mentioning of spiders. Spiders can be all so cute in pop culture and films. Whether it’s Spider-Man, Charlotte’s Web, or Aragog in his own twisted way, spiders are at the very least interesting to look at…but that doesn’t mean we want to live with them. We’d just as soon leave it to the movies, books, or Halloween, and let that be the closest we get to them in everyday life. But that’s often not the case. We are bound to see them in our *swallow* house, windows, up in our eaves, in-between our deck railing, in our garage, basement, bathrooms…basically anywhere we go. The total biomass of all adult spiders is about 25 million tons (about 478 Titanics). Humans are an estimated 287 million tons. And spiders eat 400-800 million tons of prey each year. As much meat as all 7 billion humans consume and then some. Yikes! Scary spidey facts. How can I unread? So, knowing these facts, coupled with human’s genetic fear of spiders built up over millions of years, guarantees we don’t want them in our house.

Thankfully, Greenix is one of the few companies that can effectively eliminate spiders. Because we do much more than just spray around the home like most other pest control companies. We sweep under every eave, porch, inside garages if needed, and anywhere else we see spider webs around the home. The product we use on the brush kills all egg sacs and lurking spiders, as well as forming a natural barrier that will prevent spiders from returning to those areas and making their way into the home. Our eave sweeping coupled with the eco-friendly spray that we use around the home insures the best possible results and a customer guarantee of being spider-free. Because we don’t want your home becoming its own spiderverse. 

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