Spider Treatment

If you think you’re seeing more spiders come fall than you did this summer, you’re probably right. Along with the colder weather and the falling leaves of autumn, noticing an increase in spiders, both inside and outside of the home, is extremely common.

Spiders can find themselves in your home for many reasons. A window or door left open, finding their way through any crack or crevice including wall voids, or especially left over from the previous season. The reason you are seeing more spiders inside this time of year especially, is twofold.

One, the baby spiders that hatched in the spring were considerably smaller than the ones you may be seeing now. Those spiders, which could have been lurking no more than they are now, were hardly noticeable and not nearly as frightening as their much larger selves you are currently faced with. With their small size in the spring, also came their ability to scurry around and prey on any insects which were also in the home. Now, having made it to fall, those little spiders have had months to grow and are now much larger, terrifying, and noticeable.

Two, this is also the time that spiders leave their nest in search of a mate. Where once they may have been hiding in the cracks and crevices of your home and moving through wall voids in search of insects to feed on, now they have left their hiding places to search for a mate. Unluckily for you, if they do find one, they will procreate just in time for their offspring to hatch next spring when all those little spiders will hatch again, each and every year after, ad infinitum.

Thankfully, there are some preventative methods that can be used, albeit some with better results than others. A good method of preventing the spiders from reproducing, finding a mate, catching prey, and generally hanging out in the parts of your house where you’d prefer not to see them, is to remove any webs that spiders are weaving. Knocking them down or sweeping them up with a broom, vacuuming them, or using a fly swatter to remove them, can all cut down on the amount of spider reproduction/prey consumption and number of spiders you see. Key word being see. No matter how many webs you knock down, it isn’t going to take care of the spiders that are now residents of your home. No amount of sweeping up webs is going to remove them, which is generally why using a professional pest control service is often necessary for the permanent removal of spiders from your home.

In fact, now is an ideal time to begin pest control services, particularly when spiders are much more active this time of year. Not only can it take care of your current spiders, it will also eliminate the other bugs that may be residing in your home that spiders prey on, and prevent spider offspring, which is guaranteed to hatch in the spring barring any preventative treatment. If you have any further questions about spiders, preventative treatments, or would like to schedule a service, feel free to reach out at 844-233-7378.