Mosquitos – The One Insect We All Hate!

Mosquito bugs

Mosquitos…Skeeters…Bloodsucking insects from Hell… and quite possibly the one insect you’d love to get rid of above all the rest. Whatever you choose to call them, they are one of the worst things about summers and sometimes even have you eagerly awaiting winter so you finally get a reprieve from them. You can take the sunburns in stride…there’s aloe for that. But no amount of OFF! Bug Spray is going to save you from the mosquitos wrath. And it’s not just the batting them away or the high pitch noise alerting you of their dive-bombing efforts to bite any bit of uncovered skin–Mosquitos carry diseases too! Zika, Malaria, West Nile, are just some of the lovely, deadly illnesses that mosquitos like to leave you along with the itchy skin that no matter how much you scratch won’t seem to go away. They can absolutely ruin a beautiful summer night as their presence rushes you back inside seeking solace, watching beautiful sunsets lamentingly through the windows. But who wants to do that? And it doesn’t take covering your entire body and wearing a mosquito net to enjoy the outdoors. A mosquito treatment once a month throughout the warm, humid months, starting in April and ending in October, is all that’s needed to take summer back! And nothing feels better than taking your yard back from those pesky devils and being able to spend time in the backyard after dusk. Not even *insert favorite ice cream flavor here* on a hot, summer day eating it ever so quickly before it melts and falls to the sweltering pavement.

Early spring mosquito treatments are vital to start curbing the mosquito population around the house, but mosquito treatments can be started any time throughout the summer and you will see positive results. The mosquito treatments are done by using a backpack blower that looks like a jet pack to spray the shrubbery and foliage around the house. The prime place for mosquito nesting since mosquitos lay their eggs in any standing water, which includes all those leaves after morning dew or summer rain. And mosquitos can typically lay about 100 eggs every third night. Right after dining on enough of your blood to support all those future Satan-spawn. So, all it takes is a treatment once a month that will kill any existing larvae and any mosquito that lands on your greenery. And you can always call us back if you start seeing them again. That’s our guarantee!

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