Ticks! Ticks! Ticks!

Ticks. No, not the sounds of a clock as each second passes by. I’m talking about those nasty, gnarly looking insects that bite into your skin and start feasting on your blood. And the more blood they intake, the bigger they get. Until they soon start to look like a disgusting grape/olive hybrid that’s been lost in the fridge that you happen to find while cleaning it when you get around to doing so once in a blue moon…or when it starts to smell so bad that you absolutely must find the source. Don’t feel bad about the cleaning… You’re not alone.

Ticks are scary! Their primary targets are animals such as dogs and cats– the kind you may let roam around the backyard. But they can also latch onto kids or even adults. And it’s not like you have to go out of your way to encounter them. No longer is it necessary to go into the woods and through tall grass to get them on you. If you’ve got long grass nearby, or your property butts up to the woods, chances are you could come across some ticks as you spend time in your yard. They can even be found in residential neighborhoods across the U.S. where you’d least expect. Even worse than the initial scare and panic of finding one embedded in you is the risk of diseases that can be spread by them. Especially potentially life-threatening ones like Lyme disease. And since no one is a fan of chills, nausea, fevers, neurological problems and even death, it’s in your best interest to take a proactive approach to rid your yard of them if you’ve been affected by them previously or think you may be. Sure, you can cut the grass short and try to do your own treatments, but chances are it won’t be totally effective because; A) you likely don’t have access to commercial-grade products or B) don’t have the time to have a second or third job taking care of them.

So, if you ever feel like you are being affected by ticks or are concerned about your kids, your pet’s, or your safety from life-threatening illnesses. Know that Greenix has treatment for ticks along with the other pests we take care of. Our treatment runs throughout the spring to late fall and is done by taking measurements of the property/areas more prone to ticks, such as back or front yards, or parts of the property near wooded areas/long grass. Then, a commercial-grade granular is spread throughout the entire area. It seeps into the soil and prevents any ticks from encroaching into your yard and latching onto your skin like a mini, spider-looking mosquito that won’t stop drinking blood until you locate it. And, it’s totally safe to step, play, or roll around on unlike products used by some other companies. If you do find one on you, don’t panic and resort to old wives’ tale methods involving matches/lighters or any other sort of removal techniques. Just grab a pair of tweezers, grasp the tick as near to the skin as possible and pull upwards in a careful motion. Then, flush it down the toilet. Also, don’t fret if the head is stuck in there after removal. The tick is a goner and it will work its way out in a couple days at most. Of course, if you don’t want to deal with all of that or the risk of life-threatening illnesses, Greenix is here to take care of all your tick worries.


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